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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chili Buns - Cheap Meal for Family

Chili Buns

A cheap meal that feeds a big family. Formally considered a Southern dish, Chili Buns is actually a common "go-to" meal in many areas of the US. I have a "Wednesday Night" recipe list that I refer to often. These are meals that my mother would fix on Wednesday night when there was not much time between work and church. Chili Buns is at the top of that list. So now I make them for my family and each of my children have their own way of making them.
You cannot go wrong with Chili Buns. It is the best with homemade chili, but it is just as satisfying with chili from a can as well. Give some condiment options, or not...that's up to you. I offer whats on hand.
1-2 cans of Chili (or homemade chili if you have made a pot)
1 pack of hot dog buns (or hamburger buns, or sliced bread)
Optional Condiments/Toppings:
Cheese (sliced or shredded - whatever you have)
Like I said. you can't go wrong here. Build it however you want, or just go plain. I have a teen that adds pickles on the side.

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